Life At Appen

Appen is proud to provide our full-time, permanent employees in the US with comprehensive benefits. Our benefits are competitive and designed to encourage work-life balance, as follows:

Appen also offers competitive benefits in our global offices outside of the United States. Our recruiting teams will be able to tell you more. 

Hear From Our Team Members

As a student, I need flexibility to work from home while making extra money, so working for Appen has been just what I needed. Not only is the pay great but it allows me to do something relevant. I know that the work I do is useful, which is really important.
–Zulkner V., Contractor, Brazil

Hear From Our Team Members

Becoming a freelance evaluator with Appen can allow you the freedom to make your life truly your own. You can work on projects at the junction of where technology, social media and marketing meet, meaning the work is interesting and flexible. Most importantly, working from home permits you to make additional income while having time for things that matter most, like family.
–Kimberly M., Contractor, US